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Is SEO still alive in 2020?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

The Art of being found is getting lost in 2020, and it's happening FAST! Yes, it's time to face the hard truth- SEO is evolving and Google is way smarter than most SEO experts who are still banking on Domain Authority and backlinks.

Let's rewind the clock back a few years and think about history of SEO for a minute...

What were the Original Search engines like? Certainly unlike they are today.  Archie, Veronica, and VLib were just massive libraries.

Alta Vista made a grand entry and Yahoo was a whiz-ball - but they were still cumbersome...until Google disrupted this concept with 'Page Rank' which used links as votes for which websites should rank first... but that was two decades ago! Almost when people were still talking about Y2K and Organic whole foods came to America! And Titanic dominated the Oscars.

It’s true that some marketing guru will cry that SEO is dead for the 100th time, but the real question you should be asking...Should you put your focus on SEO in 2020?

Short answer?  Absolutely.

Some SEO techniques still work extremely well, but the benefits are largely disproportionate to the amount of time they'll eat up!

On-page SEO is covered 95% by a good page structure, a good keyword rich title, a easy to use and engaging site, and in-depth useful content (and Breaking news- most sites don't even bother with that!). The rest have declining returns- serious ones at that. The thing is, however, you can’t rely on ancient and obsolete tactics as Google has made it almost impossible for spammy sites to break through. You can't put all your eggs on the Backlinks basket anymore!

Parameters like how many people SEARCH for a website, if people ACTUALLY CLICK the backlinks to a site, and what BRAND associations the website has, have moved up the importance rankings when it comes to SEO. What you really need to do is put your efforts towards SEO tactics that make Google stand up and take notice of you in a big way. In fact such things are not really SEO at all... it's just good marketing.

The best way to go about it is where Google has no choice but to see your website as important.

To have any chance at all of effective SEO in 2020 and beyond, you’ll need your content and brand to have dominating influence, expert status and authority to gain any meaningful rankings.

And you actually need traffic and clicks to do all this.

How do you achieve this?

By borrowing ‘celebrity’.  More like the Kardashians...Minus all the drama. Want to see how? Check our service.

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