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What we DON'T do

Before knowing what you can expect from us, let's be clear about what you can't. Here's what we wouldn't do for you-


  1. SEO

  2. Web design/Website management

   3. Google/FB ads

Though these are effective methods of marketing, we wouldn't be able to help you with all that, since we do something way more powerful for your practice.

We Amplify your online exposure that ultimately brings you more patients for the treatments you prefer. We do this by creating targeted, high-quality content for your practice and distributing it across branded sites all over the internet.

How your Clinic Benefits


How do we do that?

Content across internet.jpg

We publish consistent, highly-targeted content about your practice across the internet in the form of articles, videos and podcasts to position you as the number one choice for the treatments you specialize in and want more patients in.

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