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What our customers are saying

Hear it from our happy clients!

We’ve got some great results for the 1st campaign and website traffic is up 200%.

Chris MacDonald

They did a great job! Then I received the report. I ranked first in Google for 63 keyword phrases and in the top ten for 109 phrases. I was very surprised and happy!
I’m excited about moving forward with this campaign!

Sharyn Bowman Greberman

I got the system last summer and only used it a few times and my company is dominating 5 local areas and I’m even in front of some big players and companies.
The amount of (digital) real estate I’ve got is so unbelievable – this is a game changer!

Amir Mirza

This is just a handful of the success stories of clinics  that we’ve helped get results. And we’re confident we can do the same for you too!

Silversteed Media- Remembering our first clients!

Kam's experience
  • Rank in the money pack for lots of different products and services he offers.

  • Doubled his annual revenue (an additional six figures).

  • Was forced to hire more help in the form of 2 new therapists to help meet the demand.

  • Went from one bed at half capacity to 3 beds at near full capacity.

Kam, a physiotherapist, was able to get these results

Edward's win
  • High quality leads for a luxury/design build business

  • Doubled his annual revenue (an additional six figures)

  • Receive lots of traffic for keyword searches in Google

  • Got over 340,000 GMB views in a 3 month period.

Edward was able to help the company he manages promotions for get these results

From Calgary with success
  • Get in the money pack across multiple locations

  • Get his time back so he can focus on being the CEO instead of working in the business

  • Receives organic traffic from having high visibility in Google

Peter, an owner of a soundproofing company in Calgary, Canada was able to get these results

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