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30 day Refund Guarantee                Cancel Anytime

Brand Visibility

Yes!  I would like your team to help increase my practice’s visibility so I can get more patients for the treatments I prefer.


I realize I only have to give inputs, and that your team would take care of the heavy lifting of content marketing for my practice.

No contract at all

I understand that I am by no means going to be held to any long term contract and that I can cancel at any time. I also understand that your team can help me see results in the next few weeks, but I could start seeing an influx of traffic as soon as the campaign goes live.

Monthly Reports

Finally, I understand there’s nothing for me to do except provide you with the details of my business and you’ll handle all the heavy lifting of running the marketing campaigns while providing a monthly report showing the increase of visibility for my practice.

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Get Started Today:

1. Snapshot report

Here's everything that's included in the report

DFY Research

Done For You Research

We’ll do the heavy lifting of identifying the treatments, and procedures you should be visible for so you can continue to focus on running your practice while getting results.

Simple opportunities for your business

Simple Opportunities

No complicated research process is necessary on your part as this report will help compare your visibility across the locations, neighborhoods, and regions you serve.

Fast, effective results

Fast Results

No need to wait months to see your current visibility and the level of competition. We’ll share this with you in days.

Save valuable time

Save Valuable Time

Know exactly where to focus your efforts to improve visibility with your target patients.

Get a competitive edge

Get An Edge Over the Competition

We’ll provide you with highly valuable data insights your competitors won’t have access to.

Your visibility ratings

Your Visibility Ratings

Easy to follow star rating & color system gives you a true detailed map of what you need to improve.

Discount today

Receive 80% discount

Normally we charge $497/mo for this report as well as this level of data, but when you get access today, we’ll give you a major discount.

Yours to keep forever

Yours To Keep Forever

Keep this report and benefit from all the data and insights included forever. No strings attached.

2. Hyper-Local Content Campaign

Here's everything that's included in these campaigns

Full snapshot report for you

Full Snapshot Report

And everything it includes above. Yours to keep even if you cancel.

Personalized content campaigns

12 Month Personalized Marketing Campaign

Our team of specialists will design a hyper local plan tailor made for your practice over the next 12 months. These campaigns will be specifically created to help increase your brand and practice’s visibility in google and across the internet. Again, there’s nothing for you to do here. We’ll handle all the work.

 Fast results guaranteed

Fast Results Guaranteed

We promise you’ll see initial results in as little as 30 days with visible results as soon as we launch the first campaign.

No long-term contracts

No Long Term Contracts

We’ll never lock you into any financial obligations. There’s no monthly commitment and you can cancel anytime. This way you can see it working for your practice without any risk whatsoever.

Increased revenue

Focus On Increasing Your Revenue

You’ll be able to put your attention where it really matters as we’ll work with you to help identify the most profitable locations and clients for your practice.

Boost results fast

Boost Results For Your Business

These campaigns will allow you to get more patients and grow your practice by becoming a trusted brand associated with major sites.

Massive online exposure and results

Receive MASSIVE Exposure And Results

We’ll create and place hyper local content for your practice on hundreds of high-authority sites.

Reach your audience

Reach Your Audience Easily

These hyper local campaigns will expose your business to MILLIONS of online visitors every single month.

More traffic sources

Tap Into More Traffic Sources

By having hyper local content on Google News, Slideshare, multiple high traffic blogs you’ll be able to expose your practice to even more potential patients.

Powerful audio content

Powerful Audio content Included

We’ll expand your practice’s visibility even further by creating and placing local audio content for your practice in high traffic podcast directories like Google Podcast, PodBean, and others. No need to record any audio or voice overs. Our team will handle all of this.

Specialized Video Content

Specialized Video Hyper Local Content

We’ll also create these campaigns for your business on YouTube & Vimeo. No need to be on camera or record any videos. We’ll take care of this for you.

Build Trust Rapidly

Build Rapid Trust Effortlessly

These Hyper Local content campaigns will help your practice receive massive brand association and you’ll be able to use the same credibility as major brands. (as seen on Fox etc.) By having this option, your target market will associate your practice with the same major sites and see you as someone they should work with. ($4,997 value)

Consistent growth in Google

Consistent Growth In Google

We’ll continue to improve your Google visibility & within 6 months guarantee top 3 Google & Google Maps rankings for individual hyper treatments & procedures ($4,997 value)

Save Time and Money

Save Time And Money

Our team will orchestrate guaranteed placement of your practice's name, address and phone number on hundreds of major sites. This could take weeks for you to do this yourself as well as thousands of dollars. But we’ll handle this for you while you continue in the day to day tasks of your business. ($1,997 value)

Our Plans-  Email us if one of these works for you



Ideal for businesses that are looking to get started with content marketing. Expect steady growth over the next 6-12 months and beyond, with increasing brand mentions, visibility and organic traffic. We target the most profitable content areas for your business and publish targeted content every month to start getting you visible.



Suitable for most businesses serious about growing their visibility and becoming the top choice in their city. With hyper-targeted content published every week, you can expect fast growth and a significantly high increase in organic traffic within the first 6 months.


Growth Pro

This option is only suitable for businesses who can accommodate extremely fast growth in a matter of 2-3 months. With hyper-targeted content, brand mentions, blogs multiple times every week, you can expect a crazy increase in organic traffic and visibility as quickly as the first month.

Want to discuss the suitable plan for you?

Every business is unique, and needs a plan specific to it's needs. Apply or book a call to discuss with one of our experts.

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